Saturday, March 24, 2012

For A: In the piney woods, the dream stag awaits

For A.

My girl, my girl, don't lie to me. Tell me where did you sleep last night?

Also, this:


Is that not astounding. Do you not want the deer to dip its head and swathe you in its branches. You do. Because that is what we all want in our dreams. While we are stroking the soft ears and feeling the blood in its veins.

I have no gypsies for you, A. They prefer to wait, to watch beyond the stone wall. For you to come out alone. There is more dancing inside their wagons than you can know. It will be all right. They have slippers for you, already made, with your name. They are made of winter light. They will dissolve in summer, but not if you wear them in the shadows.


  1. More than ten years ago, and that performance of that song still gives me chills. Thanks for bringing it back!

  2. Leadbelly lives! Nirvana will always be my favorite band. When people ask why, I tell them to listen to Unplugged.

  3. He still breaks my heart. And makes me wet. Stellar combination. Why him, Universe? We want to keep these ones =(

    You are my queen of wistful poetry and let me tell you, I hear you on stringing beads but I need the excitement, the butterflies that upset my stomach and the craziness that breaks out in the best moments, because in it I am something that is true.

    I wish I could go with Kurt in slippers made of winter light, but I never would. I will stay and make sure everything works, I will stay and take care of everything. It´s my choice. But wordswritingpoetrymusicarttheatreperformancedance will drive me crazy and keep me sane and if I find myself a gypsy in the shadows you won´t tell, I know =)

    I went away to eagle land and didn´t see this post until now. I´m sorry, this is a post to be seen! And loved! I don´t believe you, you are the best! And you should have come to eagle land! Yesterday it was magical, it really was! That deer would have fit right in! I saw trees with crowns like that, scattered, beautifully broken because of a storm and then the eagle. THE EAGLE. Maybe it was Kurt flying by =)


  4. Chris and Benjamin -- Leadbelly lives, Nirvana rules, and Nirvana Unplugged (as well as many other Unplugged performances) is outrageously good. Why don't they do Unplugged anymore? Oh, that's right. Jersey Shore, teen moms, and all that crap.

    A, I've got an eagle for you. (no, not in my pants) Someday I will show it to you. Once it has shown itself to me.

    This is true, though -- when I lived outside of Seattle, Washington, I was driving home from my job in a greenhouse (all day in soil and water and green leaves), and the road was narrow and ran along the sound. I looked over, casually, and a bald eagle was flying along with my car. Right at window level, same direction, just cruising along. Then it turned and went up to the sky, and I nearly drove off the road.