Monday, March 5, 2012

Scenes From A Dog Show

It's that time again! The annual Detroit Kennel Club dog show was held at Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit. This year, I went with fellow groomers and my dearest B. Here's a few things we saw:

 B chats with a 4 month old Borzoi puppy -- this pup absolutely stole all our hearts. 

 Tammy, meanwhile, makes friends with an Azawakh, an Egyptian sighthound not yet recognized by the AKC. 

 It's hard work, winning all those trophies: German Shepherd Dogs, my favorite.

Channel 4 news woman. Aaaand... enough said.

 French mastiff. Bully breeds love to lie down like that!

Amanda and a rescued French Bulldog. 

If I had a white standard, I'd do the same thing. :) 

A lot of pics turned out blurry; the dogs move fast. Didn't buy much; the number and variety of vendors has decreased considerably over the years. I do love to play a game, "Which dog would you take home today?" and my answer is: The one-eyed pug, Marley, from Pug Luv Rescue here in Michigan. What an absolute sweetheart! A lot of rescues were there, including Guardian Angels, who had two pit mix pups -- one of whom, Dodger, could be Eva's brother! That was tough to walk away from. But we know we can only save so many.

(and yes, it was worse when we realized we could name him Wally, and then we'd have our Wall*E and Eve!)

Please adopt your next pet. And if you'd rather not do that, then make sure you are buying from a reputable, quality breeder, such as the folks at your local dog shows. Quick Tip: Don't buy from an ad in the newspaper. That's the realm of puppy millers and backyard breeders. Yes, all of them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great pictures, cute lil goggies! How have you been?

  2. That poodle is far more stylish than I could ever hope to be.

    We rescued our very first dog last summer -- he was my birthday gift from my husband. They probably had forty dogs in the kennels waiting for adoption. We went back to check them out and thirty-nine of them were barking their heads off. The lone hold-out was a mostly-white border collie that could have been named for some riff on "Two-face": He's got a blue eye/pointy white ear on one side and a brown eye/floppy black ear on the other. He's so sweet natured, he lets the baby play 'dentist' in his mouth without complaining. Basically, he's the coolest dog ever. <3

  3. Looks like you had a fab day =) I love the borzoi puppy!

    The french mastiff - ahem - no comments =)

  4. Poodles have never been my favorite breed. But I love the way they dolled this one up.

    National Geographic (Feb.) has an article on Dogs & Genetics and combined nicely with your post so I deem today Dog-day!