Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse-- Me and Mr. Godwin Get Up To No Good

He came up to me at the bar. I was fresh out of ways to send a man back to his seat with his tail between his legs. Figured I'd go with the cold shoulder. But he caught me off guard when he said, "Can I ask you a few questions?"

I eyed him up and down. Not a cop, not with a suit like that. Not a PI, either. Besides, all my debts were paid. For the moment.

He bought me a glass of champagne. Okay, I said, ask away. But when you're done, I get to ask a few questions.

He smiled. Said, Here's your first question...


Turns out, the werewolf at the bar was quite the interviewer. If I lived up to my half of the bargain, well... We'll see. You be the judge.

Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse with RS Bohn

And if that isn't enough, Sean Patrick Reardon says cool things about my work here.

A red lipsticked kiss on the cheek to both gentlemen.

ETA: Richard just posted a story called "Barbeque the Sink Beast" at Flywheel Magazine. This is not for the faint of heart... or stomach. But it's freakin' hilarious. Read if you dare here.

ETA2: Corner Club Press will be hosting my story, "The Husband," in their next issue and "Take Her By The Heel" will appear at NONTRUE in February. Okay, I'm seriously done bragging now. :)


  1. So glad "The Husband" found a home! But not at all surprised it did.

  2. Grayson--Thank you so much. You are truly an invaluable beta reader. The keen eye you show with your own work applied beautifully here.

    Sean--Shaving shall also be a bitch. ;)

  3. Becky you shone, smart honest answers from a talented and witty author. The Slaughterhouse door is always open for you, you must return for some more action, thank you for all your support, it is most appreciated.