Friday, January 6, 2012

small stones, day six; musings on dinner and pirate name generators

small stone, day six:

sun slanting through green-gray fence
to cut across crumbling concrete
onto frozen grass
coming to a stop among the scattered
seeds beneath a bird feeder
shaped like a green flying saucer


Would I have noticed how the sun came through the wood fence by the driveway if I wasn't doing this exercise this month?

Tonight for dinner: baked catfish and corn casserole with biscuits. And maybe cake for dessert. One of my resolutions (I hate calling them that) is to cook different things this year. Try them. Because I've grown tired of the tedious repertoire of casseroles and frozen dinners. And I can actually cook, a continued surprise after twenty years. I remember vividly burning spaghetti and eating cereal for dinner for months when I moved into my first apartment. A fried egg was beyond me, though toast was fine. And yet, I made duck with cherry sauce this past Thanksgiving. Miracle!

Writing continues. A tip: Pirate name generators suck. I know. I tried all of them yesterday.


Lazy Legs McGee



  1. Ohmygod, I'm buying a plane ticket. I hope I'm there in time for dinner. Mmmmm.

  2. Did I mention biscuits?

    I forgot, you're a southern gal at heart, ain't ya? :)

  3. Why am I hearing "Twilight Zone" theme music....?

  4. The birds have been acting strangely lately....