Monday, January 9, 2012

small stone, day nine

small stone, day nine:

the moon still hangs faint
white above peach-colored horizon
Bob pirouettes
an orange balloon
above black gravel and
unappreciative tetras


Ode to Bob, the amazing African parrot fish. Remember, the badge at right clicks to the welcome post for River of Stones. You can join anytime. Much like a mindfulness orgy.

There was no day eight small stone, though I stopped to be mindful. I also had the house to myself in the evening for a few hours. Lit candles. Turned iPod on shuffle. "I Still Believe" from The Lost Boys soundtrack came on -- dance party! And instant time machine, back to everything that made me who I am: The Lost Boys, Terminator, Asimov and Bradbury, Bonne Bell lip gloss and boyfriends frozen in time, still wearing black Nikes and cargo pants.

"Everything" is perhaps more inclusive than that, but that's a good start.

Feedback on "Judith of the Lions" has been *amazing.* I'm sort of blown away. And... going to try for a semi-pro market on this one. If I can figure out how to make the quotation marks "non-curly" via their instructions.

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