Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3ww: The Terrible King Roars Again

It's Three Word Wednesday! Come and play.

The Terrible King Roars Again

Destruction of Earth was imminent. A galactic dinosaur, far-flung predecessor and enormous mock-up of its much smaller future/past cousins, descended from the universal horizon to engulf the planet in its very workable jaws. Now it would have its revenge. Forgotten in the toybox of the gods, relegated to the bottom of the heap because of a broken tail -- through no fault of its own! -- it poured its rage out in a wake of tattered solar systems and smashed stars.

Earth scrambled to defend itself.

"It's no use!" roared the ancient monstrosity, opening wide its maw to show jagged teeth dripping with the storms of Jupiter, the milk of Pluto, the belt of Orion.

But here, staring idly at the keyboard, Senior Custodian Jim rested a bony chin atop his push-broom. "What's this one do?" he said to himself.

"Stop! Do not tamper with the computer!" And all along the rows of chairs in front of rows of computers, men and women in uniform stood, stretched, reached -- but it was too late. Jim pressed the button with a "hm."

Earth held its collective breath. What did the button do? Did anyone know? What button had he pushed?

And from deep space raced Commander Sara, diverted from her mission, alerted to this new trouble. She spun around her ship and smashed it into the godless T. Rex, her roar as fierce as his. The dinosaur was heaved backwards, arcing through space until he arrived with a clatter, back in his cage once more. The lid slammed shut, and he was left in a darkness more absolute than any in space.

"No fair!" shouted Max.

"Of course it's fair," said Commander Sara mildly, inspecting her ship for damage.

"Dinner!" their mother called up the stairs. Max scrambled to his feet and with one mighty kick, sent the inflatable Earth out the door and bouncing down the hall. They followed it, tummies grumbling for pork chops and mashed potatoes.

In the toybox, the dinosaur sighed and wished he had a tail. Things would've been different, if only he'd had a tail.


Thank you for reading! Happy Wednesday. I hope you feel a tiny bit like a child again, if only for the moment. Go and kick your own Earth now.


  1. Beautiful. Disaster still pervades things but the lighthearted overworld of childhood rules. This one reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, a tremendously popular long running daily newspaper cartoon by Bill Watterson.

  2. Hm a scifi entertainment... :) sure a hit to kids...:)

    i like the drama of your story...:)

  3. Brilliant, I loved it, well written and well done! :o)

  4. That was incredible! I really thought I was reading a sci-fi story till the end. Children do create entire make believe universes while playing, don't they?

  5. Oh, this was lovely. Poor dino; if he only had a tail.

  6. This is absolutely brilliant! I love it!

    "It's no use!" roared the ancient monstrosity, opening wide its maw to show jagged teeth dripping with the storms of Jupiter, the milk of Pluto, the belt of Orion."

    A really excellent, imaginative and entertaining 3WW. :-)

  7. Thank you so much, everyone! Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. What a delightful piece! Enjoyed this. And thank you, Bohn, for your comments on my blog :-)

  9. Loved it! Sooo well-written! I can relate, but even if I couldn´t, I´d still enjoy the rich and seamless way you write.