Thursday, September 30, 2010


The new issue of A Fly In Amber is now live, and I've got an eco-lit piece there, "On the River." Eco-lit. I just made that up. Unless it already exists, in which case I didn't.

I wrote that six months ago. If you compare that to my style now, you'll see a definite change -- just compare it to yesterday's 3ww. Well, not so much change, but as I've struggled to define myself as a writer, it's become more of... finding and giving in to who I am. I officially despise the word "authentic," but yes, I feel I'm becoming more authentic.

Gods, somebody shoot me. Just don't drop my body by the side of the road. Properly dispose/recycle, please.


I've never done NaNoWriMo, have no intentions of ever doing NaNoWriMo, but I do love writing challenges. If you're thinking about November but thinking that maybe it's too much, what about 31 flash fics in 31 days in OCTOBER ONE OF THE BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR???

Luna Station Quarterly will be hosting Rocktober: a prompt a day for 31 days. Check it out here. This works a bit like one of my other favorite communities, Three Word Wednesday, in that you'll get your prompt, write it in under 500 words, and submit a link to be shared with everyone. Normally, LSQ publishes female writers only, but for Rocktober, the boys get to play, too. And may I suggest that you warm up your author brain with sixty seconds of "Oh crap!" over at OneWord?

Will I be doing Rocktober? I can't dedicate myself to it. I've got a lot on my writing plate at the moment. But I will be checking it out often, especially when I've run into a roadblock with the book. Which needs a code name, a nickname, some other than "the book." Le Book. No. The Novel. God, no. Well, I'll think of something.

Luna Station also publishes a story a week over there, in addition to their four big issues per year. I do love their stories of the week. Check them out. And for their fourth issue, coming out Dec. 1, I've got one or three drabbles. They're holding onto all three in case they've got the room, but if they get a lot of great submissions (hint, hint, ladies!), they'll publish just one. Not sure which one, but I have a very definite favorite.


Also upcoming: Deadly Chaps publishes my first chapbook this month on the 19th, "Letters From The Egg Carton." Tremendously excited.

And Naked Snake Press publishes my short-short story, "Gravity," as part of a themed anthology. This will be available on their website and on Amazon, and I think it might actually be released in November, but I don't have a specific date yet. I'm very excited to get my copies of both of these. Yay, ISBN numbers! Yay, actual words I can hold in my hand with my name printed somewhere on them!

And this: Owl wearing a hat. There. Your cuteness quotient for the day, met. You're welcome.


  1. So many successes for you, lately! I'm mentally applauding.

    I keep looking at that owl in a hat to cheer myself up today, after the afternoon I had. I might print it out, LOL! Or make it my desktop wallpaper.

  2. That owl is just so damned cute. I can't stop looking at it. I want to squish it.

    Did you see the Hungover Owls? LOL!!!!! Love them too!

  3. So very cool! Please post links to both publications when they come out!!!