Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Bounty of Beekman -- prepare thyselves

I promised myself I wasn't going to blog today but I HAVE IMPORTANT BEEKMAN NEWS!

Please, don't everyone get up and mob the blogger all at once. ;)

Farmer John and Jason's website

Farmer John's blog

That's right! You can follow Farmer John right here on blogspot! He's a very unassuming guy, really sweet. And, uh, he loves goats. :) I have, however, just spent far too much time considering which of his does I would buy. If B would let me get goats. Which will probably happen about the time he lets me get chickens. Which, we may all assume, ain't gonna happen in this decade.

But wait! I have more Beekman news! Just as the month is ending, my September Beekman soap has turned into mush. Lovely smelling mush, true, but it's finished. I'm actually slightly nervous, because I fell for this soap hard, but October's soap promises "applewood burning in the fireplace and walks through autumn leaves," so my fingers are crossed for a happy shower tomorrow.

What, you want more Beekman news? Okay... There's a brand new group on Twitter called Beek Geeks. I'm following. :) Where do you think I learned about the blogs? And also, I learned that there will be a Beekman holiday special! And that I may ask a question of them that may get answered on the special! I am formulating questions as we speak, you may be assured.

And last, there is, my friends, some sad Beekman news. Prepare yourselves as best you can.

I took the Beekman Biggest Fan quiz and scored... 70%.

I thought I was gonna ace it. :(  B got 80%, so I hate him, of course. Seventy! *disconsolate face*

BTW, I never take quizzes. I don't care what personality type I am or who my Harry Potter husband is. Do. Not. Care.

So the fact that I did take this quiz ought to tell you something. But I am, I must admit, slightly worried. I don't want to be part of a fandom for the moment. I want time off from fandoms. And yet, I feel myself getting sucked into this world... I think it's okay as long as I don't write stories about them. :)


Regarding yesterday's post: chapter one is finished. Oh, not edited, but I don't care. And I'm not caps-locking until the thing is entirely finished. But for now, I'm super happy. Also, I'm doing something I don't normally do -- I'm going in without a plan. I do know lots of stuff, such as overall arc and most of the characters, but I'm leaving it at that. Once I let go last night, he started talking. Oh, man, did he start talking. I couldn't type fast enough to keep up. And there was a niggling doubt at the back of my mind, a thought that went, "But this isn't exactly who you planned to be your protagonist! He's supposed to be--" and then I strangled the voice and kept on madly typing and now chapter two awaits and I don't have a clue what's going to happen, but it should be fun.

Also, what is on either side of the River Styx? Because I'm about to swim it. Google, here I come.

Thank you to everyone who listens to me blather, and especially those who drop a kind word in my direction. I've never been big on "cheerleaders," but I admit that it makes me thirteen kinds of cozy when some of you are so supportive.

God, who is this sap... Signing off! Beekman Bliss to All!


  1. Heee, when they start talking, you write! That´s the way it is, editing comes later. Funny, though, how that always seems to happen when you´re off to bed. I keep a notebook on the floor next to my bed and, needless to say, I never sleep enough =)

    Yay! You started! I´m so happy for you!

  2. Coincidentally, I also started some work on my novel today! :-D And, in a departure from my usual modus operandi, I actually started at the beginning. Yeah. Imagine that.

  3. Asuqi: I should keep a notebook next to my bed. Everyone says that. My silly reason why I don't: Lucy, my dog, who is terrified of bright lights. If I used even a tiny pen light at night, she'd freak. She's mostly broken, you see.

    Jo: Did you???? Yes! That's exciting! I promise I won't bug you about it. :)

    Started at the beginning... That's rather novel (haha) for you. :p

  4. Hurray for not having a plan! IMHO, this is the easiest, most fun way to write. No preconceived notions, just pick up the pen and write whatever he (or she) dictates to you. I think most writers get into trouble when they start forcing THEIR ideas on the characters, and the characters say "Hey! Wait a minute! THAT didn't happen! But let me tell you what DID..."