Friday, September 3, 2010

"The Tiger Machine" now up at Cast Macabre

*flails* *screams* *dies of excitement*

The Tiger Machine is now up on Cast Macabre. You can listen to it or you can download it -- for free! -- and listen to it later.

It is read by the inimitable Norm Sherman, and you can find more info about him on the CM entry. I highly suggest you look him up -- a musician with a wicked sense of humor, when I found out he'd be doing the reading, I freaked. I've just listened to it, and it's beyond what I could ever have imagined. There is even a subtle sound effect at one point which is pure brilliance. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Barry J. Northern.

I highly suggest anyone else interested in writing horror submit to CM. It's been a fabulous experience, and CM is taking off like mad.

A bit about "The Tiger Machine": it's about 1000 words, and it is probably my favorite story of the year so far. I had a gleefully insane time writing it, and I smiled all the way through, even as I caused havoc for my poor characters. Huge thanks to Shell, who read this for me before I submitted and pointed out a few things, including a stylistic change for one paragraph that I initially thought was genius and she felt was... questionable. :) She was absolutely right. Thank goodness for her and Joanne, or I'd be submitting more questionable material.

Ahhhhhhh! So excited! CM is brilliant!


But wait! There's more! MORE TIGER GOODNESS!

My dear friend, Asuqi, wrote haiku in honor of my birthmonth! Yes, birthmonth. :)

Kick-ass Haiku So Sexy

Yes, sexy, take-no-prisoners haiku. Beastly haiku. Asuqi writes with bold flavor and subtle spice. Enjoy.


  1. I've just listened to The Tiger Machine - so fabulous and such fun to hear it read by a pro! You must be so excited! I was going to say that I was 'squeeing' on your behalf but I think that's an onomatopoeia from another life, right...? ;-)

  2. *flails in excitement for you!!!* That is SOOO cool!!!!!!!! What an awesome story and to hear it read by someone else... Extremely Cool!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry.... LMBO.....

  4. Jo: If ever there was a time to squee, it is now. I nearly used the word elsewhere, but restrained myself. Barely. Capslock, however, is forthcoming. See below...


    Daddy Drinks -- is that from "Like, Popular"? That's probably my favorite story on CM (besides mine, of course, LOL). That one slays me.

  5. Finally had the space to give this awesomeness the attention it deserves. And, my god, the experience felt almost surreal! Your story is wonderful, love the bizarre/horror/comical style! The different machines! And how the thing craves blood to perform - perfect! And the reading, what an awesome, delightful bonus! You must be high! I know I would have been. Go you, clever author woman! I´m sorry, I reckon from the comments squeeing is not a dignified approach at a moment like this, but oh -- SQUEEEEEEE! I threw in some capslock as well because you so deserve it and I think I understand how much this must mean to you. I´m really happy for you, darling =)

  6. Asuqi! I've been eagerly awaiting your feedback. Not that you have to read everything I post -- not at all! Just this one thing. :) I've been bouncing in my seat, waiting to hear what you think.

    I loved writing the story, but honestly, the reading and the music makes it so much more spectacular. And yes, I *am* high! Ever since I listened to it Friday morning. I've even celebrated with champagne.

    Thank you so much. Squee whenever you like. :)

  7. Do you know what just fucking happened? I discovered I got a piece accepted to SSF, and it´s already out there! Holy shit! My feelings are now beyond surreal! I mean I didn´t even... I just posted it to try! Well, that´s it, no use trying to go to sleep - too high myself now!

    And oooooooh, of course I read everything you post! With interest, eagerness and pleasure! Just a bit late sometimes =)

  8. Totally fab and you are right Baryy and CM are the best well done!

  9. Thank you so much!

    What an experience. I'm still kinda high from it. :)

  10. I'm so happy to have made you all squee.