Friday, October 1, 2010

Golden Visions

The October issue of Golden Visions Magazine is now up, with a reprint of The Librarian's Assistant in their *free* online edition. This story was originally written for the Writer's Art contest on DA, where it won first place, and later, it became my first DD. If you are interested in reading the DA version, it's here. It was inspired by this art:

"Paper Birds" by kmye_chan

Golden Visions also has a downloadable PDF/print version, featuring more well known genre authors, great cover art, and a forward by Piers Anthony.


WoD: maggoty: nasty, filthy, capricious, blighted, eccentric, fanciful

Terrence found maggoty dreams of Renata awaited him each night. He slipped into bed with a deck of playing cards, all four kings missing. An offering he hoped she might accept, but if she did not -- the notebook would grow. And grow. He shivered, imagining an epic after so many years. It was the playing cards, or he would have to forge a dedication. Closing his eyes, he shuffled one last time and lie back. Behind his eyes, the darkness took over...


  1. "The Librarian's Assitant" is remarkable! Beautiful. I absolutely loved it. An obvious winner, and that picture is grand.
    Congrats and well deserved.

  2. I still love that piece of yours =)

    And your doing WoD! I´m getting wonderful flash-backs!