Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Things, mostly scary

1. My friend Joanne sent me a kit so I could make my own monster. Because previous attempts using various household objects and the neighbor's little brat turned out badly. The results of the monster kit, however, seem to point to the fact that I am incapable of creating a monster, unless it is literary and atrocious. Which happens a lot. Srsly. Here is my Joanne's monster:

Why, yes, that is electrical tape. Also notice that only one eye is lit up. Once, for a second, I had both eyes lit up. Then neither. Now, one works intermittently. I shall call her Monster Bunny. There was an attempt at using pipe cleaners for arms, but there was a superglue accident, and... I say no more.

2. Rugosa_Rosa won a copy of my chapbook! Here is Bob picking out the name:

Also, Bob said, "Congratulations, lady."

3. Via NewPages, How To Pet A Kitty. I have laughed and laughed. So, so true.

4. Author Erin Cole is hosting her annual 13 Days of Horror!

A short horror story every day. Three days so far. Haven't read today's, but the first two? Gruesome and spectacular! Whoooo! Loved them! Smart and different and YES, creepy! Scary! I love it! And you should read every day's story. Ahem.

5. That is all. Have a creepy day.


  1. Some scary monsters there! - anything with duct tape.

    Bob picking out the name slips gives me a few ideas for my raffle...I've a few crawdads out in the pond and I knew those pincers would come in handy someday :)

    Thanks for the props! Today's story, Death In My Veins, by Roland Yeomans is quite chilling!

  2. LOL!

    Now, I remember the pictures in the instructions for the monster kit, and I'm pretty sure that's not what they looked like...

  3. Erin: I hope there are pictures if you go with the crawdad selection committee. :)

    Jo: Okay, look. Those instructions. DUDE. They were obviously written in Brit English and not American English, because they were ridiculous. Did you see all the dotted lines, running all over the place? At one point, I went from step five to step nine, and couldn't understand why it wasn't going so well.

    It's a monster. This is for sure.

  4. I may have to make one myself and send it to you...

  5. Your post made me think that sometimes in life we do make our own monster ... sometimes of a friend, sometimes of an enemy ... worse, sometimes of ourselves.

    Thanks for the great insightful comment on my entry in Erin Cole's 13 DAYS OF HORROR.