Friday, October 8, 2010

Milton Glaser's Ten Things; B's One Poem

Don Simpson is one of my favorite artists. It'd be hard to pin down what he does -- he does whatever catches his fancy. And a lot catches his fancy. But besides that, it's his constant musings on art, on creation, on life, that draw me in.

Today, he posted a link to an article by Milton Glaser. Do I know who Milton Glaser is? No. Sorry. Apparently, he's a leader in the visual and graphic arts, a profound talent, etc. And "10 Things I Learned -- the Secret of Art" is part of a speech he gave in London in 2001. It's dynamic, it's thought-provoking if not also thought-changing, and while it purports to be about art, it's about life. If you ask me. Which I know you didn't. Number 6, Style Is Not To Be Trusted, particularly spoke to me, but because I already believe it. There were a few others which challenged my way of thinking, and it's for the better.

Wise by darrenmallard -- art! I was inspired to find it some by B's newest poem:

a wise guy
to which
an elephant

will then come to light

I always ask him what they mean. I get weird answers. Inform yourselves of the meaning as you wish.


  1. Great words of wisdom from Milton Glaser!

    I can certainly verify #3 -- some people are toxic. Paul and I have both noticed this phenomena, and in reference to the same people. We had an acquaintance named Kurt who seemed to have boundless energy. However, after spending any amount of time with him, we would be drained rather than energized. Some people are okay at first, then something changes. With Paul's elderly aunt, it is the knowledge that Death is around the corner. The last time we went to visit her, Paul was fighting off sleep the entire time, and I was depressed for several days. We refer to these people as psychic vampires.

    #7 -- How you live can change your brain. Very true. When I first got a computer, I could actually FEEL my neurons reconfiguring themselves as I figured out how to use it. I think most of the age related cognitive problems are because people give up learning new things.

  2. I didn't want to talk too much about my own feelings on Glaser's topics, so as not to sway anyone or turn them off, but I must tell you that I also can verify #3. And is it possible that you and I have read the same self-help book? That phrase, "psychic vampires," is one I've used before, and I think I read it somewhere, but can't remember where.

    Once you hear that phrase, or read something like Glaser's #3, it's like a light bulb goes off. Or at least it did for me.

    You can't stop visiting his elderly aunt. But I did break off a relationship with a girlfriend. Every day was simply draining. But it's something else as well -- she had issues, but was never willing to move past them. She loved to talk about them. And talk. And talk. And never give up discussing them. Endlessly.

    Anyway. Yes to #7 as well! It's somewhat difficult to learn/do/try new things, but I have to agree with you -- you can almost feel your brain being re-wired. New connections being made. It's incredible. And so worth the frustration. :)

    That's what they say about Alzheimer's, btw. Or at least, they say that if you continue to challenge your brain, you can possibly stave it off. I'm down with that, totally.