Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Odd Composition; Where are the cupcakes? For real, yo

I'm back, and some lovely places have run two of my pieces:

Composure -- in which I revisit an old theme but enter by a different door. For me. Do you know what I'm talking about? Maybe not.

Oddity -- in which I revisit the Brooklyn Fair, circa 1985. Teri will know. This is part of Erin Cole's Thirteen Days of Horror. Which I will catch up on as soon as I can.

Barely awake here, and have lots to do, so please forgive my zombieness. Be back tomorrow with delightful cupcakes of wisdom and Twizzlers of intelligent wittery, or witful red licorice smarts.



  1. Well, hopefully you will also have some dark chocolate of sarcasm, because that happens to be my favorite.

  2. glad you're back! Now I can flood your email...heheh just kidding. Happy Halloween!!!

  3. LOL@ Jo. Methinks a package to England is in order. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful trip! A pic or two would not be amiss. :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed both of these stories. ...including the blurb at the bottom of the SSF... heh heh heh. And Oddity = Whoa.

    Hope your Halloween was yummy!

    Where are the cupcakes, anyhow? Literal ones, I mean...