Friday, October 22, 2010

In Which I Am Self-Indulgent and OMG SO EXCITED

Hi. And welcome to my moment of squee. :-)

"Letters" is up and available! I'm going to try and be coherent here, but that is unlikely. However, please bear with me.

Early this past spring, after submitting some pieces to Short, Fast, and Deadly, I received the best rejection evah. Joseph Quintela, editor, said that he didn't want these. He wanted thirty of them. Could I oblige?

I had no idea, but I said yes anyway.

Worked all summer crafting a whole helluva lot more than 30. And with the help of my eagle-eyed friend, Joanne Sheppard, I managed to get just over 50 in. JQ took the best thirty, Deena Acquafredda designed a killer cover, and now, it's out. Letters From The Egg Carton. Please pop over when you get a chance and check out the free reading. And if you can, please buy a copy! They are a beautiful and wondrous thing to behold.


A huge thank you to Joseph, who is an extraordinarily talented writer himself, a brilliant editor, and unsurpassingly professional. And enormous thanks to Joanne, who had to endure my wibbling. "I can't get these ones to wooooork! Help!" A fabulous writer herself, she's got a gift when it comes to tweaking a piece to make it pop. And her friendship and support has meant very much to this over-sensitive and highly-excitable writer.


  1. SO FREAKIN` EXCITED for you!

    You´re made of awesome, I hope you know that!

    I´ve never had a book by someone I know before, sooo looking forward to the read =)

  2. Yay! I hope you like it! I hope I get a chance to sign it for you someday!

  3. Incredibly excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

    **awaiting my copy in the mail!**


  4. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've finally started reading my copy and wanted to tell you how enjoyable it's been. Some are like koans, giving my brain something to slowly munch on. Others are just fun to let wash over and tickle the senses.

    I hope you'll consider telling your old fan fic fans about Letters. I think they'd enjoy it.

  6. Hi, JSL -- do I know you from those old days?

    Thank you so much for your very kind words. This is such a lovely review. I read it about eighteen times just now. :)

    I have told those who are interested, via an LJ (under rsbohn) and my DA account, which is still under my old fan fic pseudonym. Again, thank you so much for getting a copy and for reading and for saying such nice things. Stop by anytime, and if you're writer -- there's lots of little communities and contests and such around here. Just sayin'. ;)

  7. I might have reviewed once or twice but nope. When it comes to literature, I'm a reader, not a writer or blogger. Any creative writing on my part goes into Twop rants or the corporate world. (chuckle)

    Glad to hear that you're spreading the word about Letters and I hope it does well. It made me laugh at unexpected times and I think my literary sister-in-law is going to enjoy it too. Good luck!