Monday, October 11, 2010

Flame and Ash Short Story Contest

I keep an eye on the lit contests over at DA, but one hasn't caught my eye in months. A few days ago, one did: The Flame and Ash Short Story and Poetry Contest. You can find out more at the link, but basically, it's a contest based on this sculpture by sleetwealth:

Word count max 4000, and go wherever the art inspires you. I did not read the interview with the artist, as I didn't want it to affect my story. Will do so now. Mine, btw, comes in at 1500 words: Rivers of Gold.

Some nifty prizes: first place gets a year's paid sub, plus features, plus -- and I think this is really cool -- the winning story becomes the subject of its own contest, one for artists creating art based on the story. Whoa. A Mobius strip of coolness and art.

In other news, hurrah! I finished my second piece for A Twist of Noir. I'm 638 and 655, baby! The train just left the station today, so get on over and hop aboard. There's a handful up today, and it starts off with a bang -- Jimmy Callaway's appropriately titled Six Hundred. And hey, I think Christopher might have a few spots left. You like writing noir? Crime? Thrillers? Contact him and see if there are any spots left.  

Regarding my 638 (no, I ain't telling you the title!): I sent it to Christopher with this note: It's that time a year, when an author's fancy turns to bloody toilets. See? You totally want to play along, don't you? Yeah, I thought so. ;)

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  1. Amazing. That art, to me, was so disturbing, but I absolutely love what you made of it! .... Not sure if I should love Flame, but I do. The words Fire and Brimstone came to mind. :)