Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art and fic recs; Six Word Memoir

Via the super-awesome art rec blog, Eclectix, some shots from the current show running at the Bristol Museum, England.

My favorite:

Dark bride and groom on a stack of books, by Mike Stilkey.

I'm proud that I recognized quite a few artists featured. I wish, however, that I could see more art in person, rather than online. If I had a week in NYC or LA, I'd probably spend it all in museums.


Science geek? Lit geek? Stoned out of your mind and yet still able to read and comprehend shit? Pruned's series of stories in which Chicago is re-imagined over and over is epic and yet tiny. Flash fic, each one, with an accompanying strange pic.

Magnets beneath the city that send beams to a machine that can dissolve cancer cells. One second in the machine can bankrupt a small nation. Or a subterranean system that goes for miles... and doesn't exist. Just like your kid.

Whoa. And can the sci-fi authors take a peek? This is fresh stuff.


Today's stuff is pretty fucking amazing, wouldn't you say? These are things I look at and think, If the planet was destroyed tonight, look at what would be lost.

Gryff cat is love. That's you final thought for the day.

Wait. One more. It's my damn blog. ;)

Six Word Memoirs:

China berries, metal roller skates, hospital.

Hehe. Yeah, that about sums up my childhood.


  1. The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 had a six-word memoir competition once. Mine was "Never quite fulfilled my early promise."

  2. You still have time, my dear.


  3. At first glance, I thought you had written MENTAL roller skates... a sure sign that I NEED a pair... if there were only such a thing....