Friday, August 13, 2010

OneWord, Ramshackle Review, SFaD

Thanks to NewPages, I learned about OneWord. You get sixty seconds to write on a random word.

There is a timer. Yes. And when it's finished, you're finished.

In my pre-tea fugue, I naively clicked. And wrote.

I highly suggest this. Sixty seconds of OMFG TYPE TYPE TYPE!!!! Followed by, OMG, people can see this? Hehe. Do it. That was fun.


Now that I'm calm again, I can talk about Ramshackle Review, Mark Reep's newest endeavor. If you follow me, then you know of my love for Mark's art (see the sidebar for a link). He also writes, and now, he's putting on his editor's hat. I'm extraordinarily pleased to have a piece of mine accepted for issue one.

Many thanks to Mark for helping me polish up the piece. I honestly can't wait to see RR up, as Mark has a unique and fascinating vision, and I think RR will be something different and very, very cool on the zine scene.


i35 of Short, Fast and Deadly: Clothing Optional. Scot Siegel's "Bareback Rider": yes.

Two more themed issues announced. One is ghosts. Go see the other.


  1. I tried the OneWord. It's addictive! Now I can't wait for tomorrow and a brand new word!

  2. I know! So addictive! I'm about to go over...

    Hey, if you want to come back and leave a link to yours, by all means.

  3. Thanks for the plug, and for letting me share your work on Ramshackle. La Petit Chou & I are both laughing at Gryff's Russian accent. Ay. Nofocking cameras. In minute I get up and. Ay. (blink). :)