Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gryff lays down the law

You no can haz remote. I tell what program we watch. No more So You Think You Can Dance. Bah.

I said no! No remote for you! We watch Wipeout. I laugh.


I have no idea why the voice I do for Gryff is a bizarre LOL/Russian accent mash-up, but there you have it.

Don't tell me you don't do voices for your pets too. Because I know you do.

There is no real post today. Just this. I've been really exhausted lately, and hoping that, since things in all areas are quieting down a bit, that I'll be back to normal soon. I'm only writing about 200 words a day, and even I can't say that's "real" writing. It normally takes me about 600 to get into the groove.

Three Word Wednesday (see my previous post) had some stellar offerings this week. There doesn't seem to be a common theme, which I enjoy when bloghopping. Recommended reading.

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