Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme/Melodie Fragrances

I recently received more fragrances from Theme, including a small bottle of Amuse, my very favorite of all of them. I was heartbroken when my miniature Amuse ran out -- not only do I adore the scent, with its soft vanilla topnote and undertones of Play-Doh (oh, yes!), but "amuse" is one of my favorite words. It's as if it was created for me. ;)

I've always loved the purity of Theme's fragrances -- see my first post about them. Sarong is another favorite, and similar to Amuse with its vanilla topnote but it's a bit more exotic, tropical. The descriptions are what you receive, and while they may not be as poetic as BPAL's or Scents by the Sea's, I think they match the freshness and simplicity of the fragrances. They are definitely fragrances for the modern woman.

This time around, I decided to try some from Theme's newest, second line of fragrances, Melodie. Called "vintage," I was intrigued, and ordered four minis.

Three of them I had to scrub off within ten minutes. They made me nauseous and gave me an instant headache.

I don't think I should summarily dismiss this line, as there are surely women out there who will find them beautiful. Just like with Theme, they are long-lasting, and a little goes a long way. But unlike Theme, I don't find them "pure" or "fresh." They were cloying and complicated, and reminded me of my grandmother's fragrances. In other words, they are exactly what I am not looking for in a perfume, and the opposite of Theme.

When I originally came across Theme and got my first set of minis to try, I knew I'd struck gold. Finally, a line of perfumes that isn't heavy or, well, too perfumey. And as an added bonus, when I wear Sarong or Amuse, the Mr. can't stop putting his nose in my cleavage or at the back of my neck or wherever I happen to have sprayed it. He finds them sexy, and I get so many compliments and "What perfume is that?" when I wear them.

But again, there are surely women who will find the Melodie line their perfect fragrance brand. And out of four, there was one I liked: Vanilla Souffle. No surprise, the vanilla again! The other three I tried were Fig Charming, Linen and Lace, and Peach Petals. I found Fig Charming so offensive that I not only had to shower and scrub it off, but I had to put the clothes I'd been wearing in the basement, as I could still smell them in the hamper.

I highly recommend Theme. Amuse is my favorite, and she ships super, SUPER fast. She's very friendly and communicative, and will even custom-blend perfumes (see her Etsy page). Also, every order I've received has come with one or two freebies, such as the Honey Balm this time (yummm...) and coupons for future orders. And I should add that a freebie of Melodie's lip balm, with its faint rose scent, has become practically my favorite lip balm ever.


In other news, I've had back problems for some time, and it's behaving badly again. B has been doing a bit of massage each night in bed, which helps, and then four days ago I started doing yoga again. I haven't practiced in quite some time, so I feel a bit sore from stretching my legs, especially (I am the least flexible person on the planet), but it's a good sore. And it absolutely helps my back. Today I decided that I should do it twice a day instead of once in the evening, and I added some reps with light hand weights afterwards. I think I need to not only stretch, but build up strength in my back. That should help.

I've also got a knee problem, which scares me, as it's been going on for months, and we're planning on going to Disney in October. Disney is... a helluva lot of walking. Right now, I can't make it around the block. I'm getting a knee brace today, and some joint supplements (as if I don't take enough vitamins already), and hoping that the yoga will improve the knee as well. Wish me well, and if anyone has any helpful hints about improving flexibility or dealing with pain/discomfort, hit me with it. As long as it doesn't involve seeing a doctor, as I don't have insurance. :) Oh, to be poor in America. Greatest country on Earth!


  1. Oh noes! Dunno what to do about it, but u should come be poor in Sweden instead, here you don´t need insurance. Droxy says we´re just a crazy bunch of leftists, but that all comes in handy in situations like this. I do believe the yoga is a good thing, though. Hope you feel better soon!

    *hugs you*

  2. I won't go into why I think Droxy is dead wrong and why I believe that America needs universal healthcare now, but I will say that I am doing the very best I can to take care of myself, and yet, things happen. I'll be 38 next month, and my job is very physical. These things are bound to occur.

    At any rate, the yoga is a good thing overall. And maybe I will move to Sweden! It's on my list of top ten places to visit.

  3. Well, my mom had really bad arthritis, which I stand to inherit. Already have it in my hands, but I take this:, and that seems to help a lot. Some stiffness in the morning, but no more actual pain. As for my other joints, I find working out with weights to be good for that. As your muscles strengthen, it takes a lot of the pressure off the joints. My husband Paul recommends (he is not a doctor, mind you, but he does work out a lot) some stretching, plus some weight training designed to work the quadraceps and hamstrings. Take it easy at first; you don't want to overdo at first. Yoga definitely would help, because anything that improves flexibility is good. Hope this helps a little!

  4. I´ll be 37 in November and my job´s physical too. It´s terrible to start falling apart! I have pains and aches in places I didn´t know existed and right now my knees and shoulders hurt because I was painting the house! And this is supposed to be normal? I guess being smarter and more relaxed about things do come with a downside...

    Yay! Maybe one day you´ll come visit me =)

  5. Mimi: Sorry about the arthritis -- you're too young. Well, aren't we all. I'm going to check out the tonic. It's difficult to find something that someone else already uses and can testify to; I hate spending money on products in what is a largely non-regulated segment of the market. Every product in the health food store claims to work miracles. I don't need a miracle, just to feel a bit better.

    My hamstrings are my tightest and most difficult to work muscles. But I can see why Paul says that. I'm starting with light weights and beginner's yoga (with a focus on upper body), and I think in a few weeks, I'll maybe go back to the gym. When I do, I might need a bit more advice from Paul.

    Asuqi: When did this happen? I remember being 22, 28, and being able to work all day, all night, running around, lifting things... Yikes.

    Painting the house *is* tough on the body. You're making all the movements you don't normally make.

    I'd love to come visit. Seriously, what a beautiful country.

  6. Do come, we´d love to have you =)

  7. I haven't done OneWord today.

    I'm off! (hope it's better than "fallen")

  8. I feel your pain Becky. I am a good 10 years older than you and had back pain on and off for 15 years. Now it's pretty much on. But, I refuse to give up my pursuits. Hockey is hell on my back. I am always in major pain the next day or two. However, for the last several months I've been taking a core strengthening class and I think it really is helping. As a former pharmacist I revile potions of all sorts (prescription, non-prescription, natural products or what have you) and prefer to just moan and whine.

  9. prefer to just moan and whine

    LOL! Well, I like doing that, too.

    Core strengthening -- I've thought seriously about doing that. I tried Pilates years ago and hated it, but I did work out at a gym for a long time and loved working my core. Slowly but surely, I'm getting back into it.

    One of my current clients is a pharmacist. His dog (I'm a groomer) has chronic skin problems, and he wants to treat it with medicated this and that all the time. I keep saying, switch to a holistic food, and get the chemicals out. I'm fine with most natural products; it's the constant bombardment of chemicals that I'm not down with.

  10. While I was in hospital this week, I kept thinking about universal healthcare and how lucky I am to live in a country that has it. Also, not to put to fine a point on it, but anyone who thinks that universal healthcare is in any way solely for socialist countries is a twat, since it's demonstrably not true. Even the most right-wing European countries have universal healthcare.

    Wish I could suggest something to help your back and your knee. All I can suggest for your knee is to take care about what shoes you're wearing when you're on your feet all day or doing a lot of walking. Even shoes that feel really comfy don't always support your foot too well, which can put extra strain on your knees. Shoes with lots of arch support and shock-absorption are the best option. Although not usually so glamorous... :-(

  11. You've gotten some good advice on here! As well as some interesting comments about healthcare. My fav though? "but anyone who thinks that universal healthcare is in any way solely for socialist countries is a twat..."

    That woman. I love her style.

    Hopefully the knee brace will help!