Thursday, August 26, 2010

OneWord, the comedy issue; Shaggable Men

OneWord thinks they're funny.

For the past several days, I haven't been able to play over there. I have been reading, friends! But I can't write. As soon as I click Go!, it immediately says my time is up. Instantly. As well, a few other features aren't working for me. I've tried logging out and back in, restarting computer (because we all know that restarting your computer is the easiest way to fix anything), and a bunch of other things, to no avail. I tried to message them using their Contact Us! button, but I couldn't.

Then last night, I finally was able to get through using the Contact button. I sent the above info. My reply from tech support:

Maybe it's a sign and your time really is up?

Oh, HAHA, OneWord.

I replied: If the angel of death is communicating with me via the medium of OneWord, my nightly prayers are about to undergo a radical change. Suggestions?

He then told me that they'd upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, which they did to solve problems with other browsers. Apparently, now there's a problem with mine (IE8), and he asked if I could change browsers.

Le sigh.

I suppose I could. Feel free to bash IE if you'd like and tell me what you use. I'm just... Look, I'm just one of those people who wants to turn on the computer and have it WORK. NOW.

And I seriously miss playing OneWord. Mimi's all up in there, and I can't write mine nor reply to hers, and hers are good and I want to plaaaaaay!


Okay, enough whining. Hey, at least I only whinge about the small stuff, right? And besides, the guy at tech support, (name deleted to protect the innocent), was awesomely funny last night. I'd find out where he lives and go have a beer with him, but we'd probably spend the entire night trying to out-do one another with teh funny. Also, there is that whole, "I'm in a long-term, seriously committed relationship" thing to think about before having beers with random geeks.

Before I head out for the day -- the long, dreary, depressing work day -- I leave you with my list of totally shaggable tv guys.

1. Mike Rowe. He's hot anyway, but his jeans, holy shit. They look like he bought them one size too small and then stuck them in the dryer for two hours. My only complaint? WTF, cameraman for the Ford commercials, why do you shoot him from the waist up? WHY? You want to sell me a Ford F-150, give me all of Mike. You can even zoom in on his package. Actually, please, yes, do that.

2. The guy from the car insurance ads, "World's Greatest Spokesman." You know him. "Guys! I just gagged. Okay, for every year without an accident, take fifty... No! Take one hundred dollars off her deductible. Hook, line, sinker. Done." Oh, yeah. Don't you judge me! He looks like he'd be a freak in bed.

3. Wyatt. He used to be the weatherman for Fox 2 Detroit oh, two years ago. Yeah. He left to work for a politician. I still think about his puppy-dog eyes and his happy-go-lucky demeanor and his big, broad chest and fine ass.

4. Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property on HGTV. There simply is not a finer specimen of the male form on the planet. His arms are the most spectacular arms ever created, and I say this as a true connoisseur of male arms. He has actually replaced the previous all-time winner of Best Male Arms, Ben, a line cook at a restaurant I used to work at fifteen years ago. Every time Ben put a plate in the window, well, it was heaven for me. But Ben's gone, and Scott is on my television almost every day, and he's got that charming smile and that flippy hair and OMFG, those arms!

5. I'm not 100% on this one, but I'll list him anyway. Mike Wolfe of American Pickers. B wants to be a picker. Of course, last year when he was obsessed with Top Gear, he wanted to host a show about cars and drive cars and maybe just be the Stig. Anyway, this year it's Pickers, and I can repeat, with perfect inflection, their opening. I particularly like doing this part: "And I'm... Frank Fritz." I do it with the same face that Frank's got and everything. "And we're saving the history of America, one piece at a time." Anyway, that Mike, well... I know some girls who should check him out. *coughfangirlscough* No, the resemblance isn't strong enough, but he's wicked wiry thin, he wears perfect jeans for him, he doesn't think twice about clambering over a pile of dusty old stuff, and when he gets excited, he looks like such a little boy, and it's absolutely endearing.

I gotta go do my yoga and weights. I will add (or deduct) to this list periodically.

For those who've been asking about my back: better. Not great, but definitely an improvement. I don't want to stop doing the yoga and weights, for sure. In addition, we've got a Sleep Number bed (which I cannot talk highly enough about), and I went up by 10. The added firmness was slightly uncomfortable at first, but now I love it and I think it's doing wonders for my back.


  1. I absolutely hate soft beds. I have to have a mattress that's rock hard. When I was in hospital, other people were complaining the beds were too hard, but I thought they were slightly too soft.

    Needless to say, I've got no idea who any of these people are from your strange foreign television.

    Regarding OneWord, it's a bit ridiculous that the site doesn't work with IE8. It's not like you're using some weird browser nobody else has got.

    I, however, don't really like Internet Explorer and have used Firefox for a couple of years now. Internet Explorer used to crash a lot for me. Firefox has never crashed on me. Ever.

  2. LOL! For the past few years, I've been sleeping at 20-25. 100 is rock hard, 0 is an empty bed. It's been like sleeping in a hammock, which I suppose you wouldn't like, then? Anyway, I went to 40, which feels rock hard to me. But now I'm used to it and loving it. Support for the back.

    Strange foreign television! You should Google some of them. Mike Wolfe and Scott McGillivray, definitely.

    I checked, and IE8 is the latest version. And everything works with IE8, so I don't know what I'll do. But a lot of people say they don't like IE, and Firefox gets rec'd a lot, so I may try that later on tonight.

  3. I liked Mike Wolfe a lot. Scott McGillivray... err, no. Soooooo far from being my type.

  4. I hear that a lot about firefox as well. I'm too lazy to change over and have to learn something new.

    About the 'strange foreign television'... (that cracks me up) OMG! I LOOOOVE those shows AND those MEN! bwhahahah. Hubby also wants to be a picker--he loves that shit!

    I love that you posted about this!

  5. Jo: I did not think that Scott would be your type at all. AT ALL. In your list of "desirable male characteristics," I'm pretty sure that "cute" is not there. But I wanted you to look anyway.

    Mike's not bad, eh? He smiles a lot. He never stops smiling. He's kind of hyper, actually.

    Shell: I am also lazy. Look how long it is taking me to email you back. ;) In my defense, it's been a long damn day at work. And I might get to see a concert tonight! Ray Lamontagne! Don't look him up. You'll barf. So not your music.

  6. So, of course, I googled them...

    Scott: eh, nohooo, that look does nothing for me, I associate it with some fruity chewing gum.

    Mike W: depending on his behaviour, I´d probably shag him. He´d have to be intelligent, angsty and dominant, though, I like the whole House/Sherlock Holmes/u know who kinda character ;) Although, I´d totally do Jack Sparrow too, even though he doesn´t exactly fit the profile, but seriously, if a guy is going to look like that and be all piraty and yummy and OMG she shackles him to the ship and it´s all passionate and hawt and I can sooo picture... Sorry, I´ll make sure to get myself laid tonight =)

    I´m glad to hear your back is better. I like my mattress hard and I think too hard is better than too soft for backs (and sex! Again, sorry!). That and avoiding immobility, my back needs motion, being still kills it.

  7. I was wondering where you got off to! I can see that you've been online over there, but that you hadn't posted anything, so I DID wonder!

    I very temporarily could not access my account page over there, but that is not the case anymore.

    I don't know if Windows can do this, but Paul and I both have Macs, and they can have more than one web browser. He had to upload Firefox in addition to Safari in order to print up sheet music. I can't remember if PCs can do this... my own is just dust in my rear view mirror -- may it rust in peace!

  8. I am officially the suckiest friend. Did not even see the post about your back. :( Hope you get that and the knee sorted out... especially before DISNEY(!!!).

    Much thanks for putting Mike Rowe first. Oh. hell. yes.

  9. Sara, you are not the suckiest friend. Goodness. Don't make me come down there and hug you. Or make you drink margaritas with me. ;)

    I'm hoping it gets sorted before Disney, too. Eight weeks and counting, baby!

    Mimi: I'll try switching browsers later on today. I "liked" your overjoyed one. Love how this seems to inspire darkness in some of us. :) And also, WHAT WAS THERE! WHAT DID SHE SEE! Just wondering. :)

  10. Don't forget that Rowe does sell jeans too - for Lee.