Thursday, August 5, 2010

Six Sentences, Blurbs and Gryff

At the Last Minute: my Six Sentences. Thanks so much to editor Robert McEvily for featuring my work and for his kind words.


Newpages posts an excerpt of Laura Miller's article, Beware of Blurbs, from, thus confirming what I always believed. I don't read blurbs to decide if a book is worth my money and time. Actually, I rarely even read reviews. It's a bit of a crapshoot, to be honest. The best one can do, I think, is to find a like-minded friend and talk books.


I'm really exhausted. So much going on around here at the moment, it's nearly non-stop. Writing is suffering, though I hope things get back to normal this weekend.

One of the changes around here is that we've adopted a cat from our local shelter. B wanted a female torti kitten. He picked out a 3 yr old brown tabby male. I have not said a word about this. Right now, I am the supportive and loving wife. (that could change at any minute)

He was called Roscoe, but now he's Gryff, short for Gryffindor.

What a handsome fella, right? Now to convince Callie, the resident Princess Kitty, that he's just the guy for her to snuggle with.


  1. Heh heh... get Gryff a little leather jacket... stick a cigarette stub in the corner of his mouth, then tell Callie to STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He's bad news. This will immediately endear him to her. You know how princesses secretly love the bad boys!

  2. I do know this. She's fascinated already. I told him to keep acting all aloof, and he'll have her twisted around his paw soon enough.

  3. Dude, that's a great pic of him. You can just see the personality in his eyes--love it!