Sunday, August 29, 2010

Four Great Artists; One mediocre flash fic

This is going to blow your mind.

Digital landscapes by Alex McLeod. Yes, digital. Via Heiko Windisch, "It smells like epoxy, styrofoam and wood glue, but it's all virtual." Alex has wallpapers and lots of art. Get them full-screen and just dive into the shining detail. Some of the most amazing art I've seen in a while.

And Heiko's got cool new stuff as well. His version of his hometown, Heidelberg, is featured at Society6. I dig Heiko's stuff; we've got two pieces here. Not to mention, he's a super awesome guy.


More art of today: via Don Simpson (another artist I've long admired and whose work occasionally adorns my neck), digitally fabricated jewelry that is then rendered in 3D.

Martian flytrap earrings by improbablecog. I had a hard time choosing a piece because they are all so fucking cool. And the prices are waaaay reasonable. I'm sending B a link today, as my birthday creeps ever closer.


Look at that -- artists rec'ing artists. I find that beyond cool.

Quick fic: Space Baby

Space Baby fell to earth in a puff of spores. We did a write-up on him while he vegetated at Lou's place. We expected a bigger response. Even he seemed a bit disappointed by the reaction. It was hard to tell, since he mostly curled over and over on himself in the hammock Lou had strung up for his cat, Harley. But still, he seemed to exude a musty disappointment. Our editor wanted to fire us, but in truth, Space Baby wasn't the craziest story we'd submitted. There was that one about the governor's wife and the corn field at midnight and the giant slug. Space Baby thought that was a good one, but knew he was bigger bananas than a giant gob of mucus. When he got too large for the hammock, he poofed and rolled his way down to the Daily Observer and into the editor's office and now, we've got job security and Space Baby's front page news. Lou and I don't find the constant sneezing to be much of a trade-off, but honestly, the constant shedding of skin cells is making me feel a bit tired. I think I'll curl up in Harley's hammock and take a nap. Deadline's hours away.


Space Baby. You know you want one.

Happy Sunday, all!


  1. On Space Baby:

    Just another day, huh?

    Sometimes you write like a snowball speeding down a mountain slope. Such energy, I stumble over myself when I read it. It´s the opposite of predictable and boring. I´m very grateful =)

    A Space Baby? No thanks, those shedded cells would ick me out...

  2. Holy canolli, that is the best thing ever said about my writing. Thanks.

    No Space Baby for you, then. Okay. That's more for the rest of us. :)