Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fic Rec: Significant Figures by Rachael Acks

Forget the Brave Little Toaster. Stephen's waffle iron has got moxy. And red-hot grids.

Significant Figures by Rachael Acks is the newest short story up at Strange Horizons. It is WONDERFUL. Stephen is an alien living among us, because his own people are a big bunch of shouty types with pretty extreme laser guns, and he's a bit more inclined to a quiet life of doing math and making waffles and fruit and yogurt shakes. As a combat mathematician, Stephen is used to bending reality, and he's forged for himself a new life on Earth, complete with human body, a family who loves him, and a few sentient appliances. When those appliances notice something slightly unusual about the power grid, they attempt to notify him.

It's bad news for them all: Stephen's former race has come to his new home, and they aren't the "We come in peace" types. And Stephen really isn't the hero type. Or maybe he is...

Excellent story, quickly paced, and really, who doesn't love a vindictive blender or a practical, brave waffle iron who's watched quite a lot of late-night sci-fi on television? And what's not to adore about a multi-tentacled, slimy alien who just wants his new mum not to worry?

Enjoy your Tuesday, my friends, while I go out and scrape yet another inch or two of snow off the sidewalk and my car. Hrrmph.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Horrifyingly Good News

So much news today. All good.

First, An October Birth got a DD over on Deviant Art. Really thrilling, especially considering this Daily Deviation comes after it was rejected three times by various magazines. One was a form rejection, and two were personal, explaining how it did not fit their 'zines. It's a tough story, I admit, with horror and sadness wrought by incest, and after doing a lot of research, I couldn't find a good fit. I guess DA was a perfect home!


Next, I've got two pieces of micro-fic in 101 Fiction's December issue, Hijo and Stages. The theme for the issue was a deliciously morbid two-fold delight: "undead" and "winter." And I love EVERY ONE of the stories in this issue! Each one is a perfect little gem, hard and glittery. Congrats to my fellow contributors, and thank you to editor, John Xero.


Last, voting is on for Fantasy Faction's monthly story contest (November's theme: doors), and my short story, "The Dragon in the Attic," is one of six vying for fame and glory! Despite the title, it's horror. Seems to be today's theme :)

The submission thread, where you can read the pieces (each under 1500 words) is here. The voting thread is easily found.

Please vote! I did; there were two that really grabbed me, and it was tough to decide which one to vote for, but I did it and SO CAN YOU, my pretties!


Well, this is a lot of horrifically good news. I feelz like a real writer today, yo.

While nothing else is under submission, two short stories and a creative non-fiction essay are finished... but I have no idea where to submit them. Sometimes my stuff is a bit wacky. I dunno. Maybe I'll start my own publishing company for weirdos like me. If there are any out there. Doubt it. Probably alone, playing solitaire.

/P.M. Dawn reference