Wednesday, March 14, 2018


101 Fiction is at it again, and I've got two pieces of micro-fic:



The theme this time around was "unicorns." Not a single fluffy, pure and innocent creature in the lot, can you believe it? The theme did bring me back to my childhood, when the best time of the school year was the Scholastic Book Festival, held in our little basement cafeteria (I went to a very small elementary school), which was also where the PTA held meetings. I loved the little bookshelves and stacks of books, and my mom was always great about letting me pick a bunch. She also brought us to the library every week, and read a boatload of romance novels herself. Tote bags full. At any rate, my favorite were the Stephen Cosgrove books. Remember those?

I loved Serendipity and Flutterby and oh my gosh, Morgan and Me! I had all of them, I think. 

At any rate, the unicorns I wrote about it weren't pure and virtuous, either. Adulthood, bleh! 

Happy day, everyone!