Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: Lysistrata of Mars by Tory Hoke

Strange Horizons has a fab one this week: Lysistrata of Mars by Tory Hoke. Kay (let's call her Neon... or Diamond) is about to get evicted from her apartment in Tower Twelve, but that's okay because New Plymouth on Mars is nothing if not just the place for a girl of few skills and a matching set of underwear. After taking a job pole dancing (hey--everybody's got to make a living), she finds things are all right. No real friends, enough money to get by, but she's hanging in there.

Until a Sigma 9 comes to visit the Club and really, really, really likes the way she scratches his head. And Kay lets him know that she has limits, dammit.

Chaos ensues, and if you think the sharp wit and quick pace are ever gonna give up, you would be wrong, dear one. Hoke's got style and flash and substance. Loved this one.

The last Strange Horizons story that I loved this much was, as you may recall, Rachael Ack's Significant Figures, in which Stephen's waffle iron attempts to tell him something very important. What you should take from this is: female SFF writers rock.

Enjoy your day, and remember: aliens are people too. Which means they can be complete douchebags.

*Ahem. Excuse me. I forgot to tell you that LoM is particularly NSFW. I mean, the language itself isn't graphic, and, well... Listen, it's NSFW. So read it now before you go in.


  1. Popping by to see what you’ve been up to Ms RSB. Found this, which made me click the link and wow! what a firecracking intergalactic ride. You do have cool stuff here.

    1. Oooh, so glad you read it! It was SO MUCH fun! Tory Hoke's got skillz.

      I fail miserably at coolness every day, but sometimes, a bit peeks through. That rec was one of them. :) Thanks for stopping by!