Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapbook Winners; Birthday Festivities; Foster Dog!

It's my birthday, but (some of) you get gifts. Chapbook recipients:

Chris Rhatigan
John Xero

Yes, I had multiple copies to disseminate as I wished, and I wished to randomly put names in my *transmission garbled* and these names came up. Thank you to everyone who wanted in. It was nice to see new folks (and sweet! when they said they were here because someone else told them to stop by) and lovely to see a few old friends.

I cannot finish any birthday-related posts without getting on my knees. If you are so inclined, I love drabbles. If I could beg one thing of you, it would be: robots and tigers and deep under the sea and unrequited love and faraway planets with lonely astronauts.


This year, possibly because I am feeling older than ever, I did not declare September to be my birthday month, but kept festivities to three days. Friday, we went to our favorite quirky little cafe for breakfast before going to antique shops and then bringing home loads of baklava for later. Saturday was the Renaissance Festival, and tonight we are going to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at the MGM Grand. This morning, I was brought roses and french toast. I can't complain.

BUT! This is important! On Wednesday, we are picking up a foster dog from our local shelter. They are re-sealing the kennel floors, and need foster homes desperately for the (currently) 77 dogs. We fostered dogs and puppies for years, but it's been a while. I thought that a short-term commitment of five days would be a good way to ease back into it. We told them that as long as the potential pup got along with dogs and cats, we'd take them. We have no problem with behavioral issues, and nothing stresses us out. Trust me, we've seen it all. Destructive behavior? Not housebroken? Severe allergies? Neurotic? Fence jumper? Hey, we can deal with it.

So! This is the dog we've been assigned:

Her name is Kambry, she's about 2, and on the small side for a pit, about 30-35 lbs. You can read more about her if you click on her name, and remember: She's up for adoption! Kambry needs a forever home, and from what we saw at the shelter, she is AWESOME. Loves other dogs, doesn't chase cats, knows not to jump on people or get on furniture, knows basic commands, and can be extremely gentle with older adults and children alike.

Expect picspam later this week. :) And video, since I just got a Flip.

Have you ever thought about helping out your local shelter? They all need: foster families, volunteers to walk dogs, feed the animals, clean kennels and kitty cages, answer phones, send out thank you letters to those who've donated, and donations of food, supplies (call and ask what they specifically need) and MONEY.

Help out if you can. We've been involved in rescue, both dogs and cats, for about fifteen years. It's incredibly rewarding.

And please, PLEASE, spay or neuter your pet. It is the ethical, responsible thing to do.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to those commented to win a copy of my chapbook. I'll be in touch shortly with the winners.


  1. Happy birthday! ^_^

    And a gift, for me! Isn't that the wrong way round...? ;) Really looking forward to the chapbook.

    Sounds like a great birthday so far, have a lovely meal this evening. =)


  2. Hey, sweetie, happy birthday!

    Yes, you usually do claim the entire month, this year´s modesty had me worried... I´m so happy to hear you had an awesome weekend =)

    Drabbles, huh? I write crap these days, but give me some time (lots of it!) and we´ll see what we can do...

    You´re a dog-saint!

    Lots of love

  3. Happy Birthday, you wonderful writer, you!

    Sounds like it was lovely!!! And you are an animal lover/saver.

    If possible, I believe you have attained a new level of awesomeness is my eyes. If your state was closer to mine, I'd probably harass you endlessly, ringing your door bell, petting your animals, bugging you to go out for coffee, etc.

    Enjoy your continued Birthday festivities!

  4. Happy Birthday- Good for you taking in foster animals. I'm an animal lover myself, and just took care of my dentist's office hamster while they were closed. Not quite the same as a pit, but keeping my cat away from the cage proved to be a challenge at times ; )

  5. So... I wanted to try and rustle something up for your birthday... and "drabble," you said, and, "robots and tigers and deep under the sea and unrequited love and faraway planets with lonely astronauts."

    So, I hope you like...

    Orbiting Body

    A tiger stalked the empty corridors of Genesis station. His name was Flame and he had been a tiger for almost a century.

    The underside of the station was transparent and from here he liked to watch the tranquil planet below with his own eyes. They had named the planet Gaia, the people who had transplanted his brain from his wasting body into this marvel of technology, this immortal, cybernetic tiger-form.

    Later, he would network with the station’s sensors and search the deep seas for Sula in her dolphin-form. He might send her another message; this time she might reply.

  6. Jenny, I would love to be hassled by you. If I could have a three-way hassle with you and Asuqi, and perhaps some bottles of wine followed by good coffee, my life would be COMPLETE.

    (I got a fried veggie platter and B got a giant burger at one of the stands at the Ren Fest, and the kid behind the counter shouted after B, "Your day is now COMPLETE because you have had the BIG MEAT." I laughed)

    John, I did a double, triple, quadruple take; scrolled back up, then down, and my GOD how did you do it how how how???? And I love it! Please post to your journal, so I can link to it everywhere.

  7. Erin, I agreed to take in a homeless fish in the hopes my cat would find it interesting, but they refuse to so much as peer cross-eyed at it. The fish, Bob, a large and sociable parrot, likes them very much. Ah, well. Thanks for your birthday wishes, most appreciated!

  8. Yay! I'm really pleased you like it. =D

    It is now here, too:

  9. Happy Birthday Becky! And now, because I can't resist the challenge - or the opportunity to make someone happy on their Birthday:

    Tiger moaned. Five-thirty was five-thirty no matter what planet you were on; and five-thirty was too damned early.

    She made her bleary way into the shower pod, and came fully awake under the steamy, filtered jets of fresh seawater. Towelling off, she found coffee and a Boston-creme donut waiting for her by the Clersteel window. Tiger smiled. Fourteen different relationships back home, and not one of them had remembered her preferences worth a damn. Now here, three miles under an alien ocean, with the intense rays of the Ryllian sun creating a freakish, beautiful turquoise dawn outside her window, she'd found the perfect man - and he was full of oil and servo motors.

    "Thanks HERB," she called out. The 'bot whistled a happy tune in response.

    Turning to the screen, Tiger sipped her coffee and wondered if Cthulu would finally show himself today. Then, the trip would have been worth this horrible isolation.


    In the other room, HERB watched his mistress, sighed an electronic sigh, and began to clean.

  10. Chris, I love it! She seemed quite real... as did HERB. I know why he sighs, alas. And to put in Boston Creme donuts AND Cthulhu?

    You rock.

  11. Belated birthday wishes! Aww wish I could take another doggy in.