Monday, May 28, 2012

Published Works


Deadly Chaps: Letters From The Egg Carton (Pushcart Prize nominated)

Short Fiction:

101 Fiction: Only (microfic)

                    Renaissance (microfic)
                   Interlude (microfic)

                   Hijo (microfic)

                   Stages (microfic)

                  Chicken (microfic)

                  Jump (microfic)

                  Flight (microfic)

                  'Aumakua (microfic)


Alban Lake Publishing, Bloodbond: In the Northern Territories -- werewolves!

Chris Allinotte's 9 Days of Madness: Recording  

Chris Allinotte's 10 Days of Madness: The Embalmer 

A Fly in Amber: On the River 

A Minor Magazine: Snakeskin 

A Twist of Noir: Daughter of Peaches (microfic)


Cast Macabre: The Tiger Machine (audiocast)
                     Also available to read here


Corner Club Press (originally, now defunct), DA: The Husband (short story, speculative fiction--Sudoku, drumming, and, er, friendliness)

DA: An October Birth (a Daily Deviation winner in October 2014; horror)

Eaten Alive: Gangrene (microfic)


                    The Bumpy Road (short story)

Erin Cole's 13 Days of Madness: Oddity (microfic)

Golden Visions Magazine: The Librarian's Assistant (flashfic, fantasy)
              "The Librarian's Assistant" was also a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art and winner of the          
              "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" contest

Jake's Monthly -- Endgame Extravaganza: The Pellet (fantasy, origin myth)

Lily Child's February Femmes Fatales: The Devil Wants a Word 
              This story later appeared at LSQ here.


Luna Station Quarterly: "Fox-Boy" and others here (microfic/drabbles, speculative fiction)
                                         The Devil Wants a Word
                                         Minotaur (fantasy, short story)

MiCrow #4: Spaces 

Misanthrope Press: Etched Offerings anthology: The Black Oak (pagan, fantasy) 

Nontrue: Take Her By The Heel (semi-autobiographical, NSFW) 

Powder Burn Flash: And I Know (noir) 

Ramshackle Review: Loom (flashfic, fantasy) (BEAVERS) 

Sleep.snort.fuck: At Sea (nsfw)

                          Composure (nsfw)

The Lorelei Signal: Instrument of Fate (fantasy, short story) 
             Also available at Mystic Signals here 

The Molotov Cocktail: How Did She Look I Must Know 

The NOT, as guest writer: The Bee and the Moth 

The NOT's Dog Days of Summer: Bottle Rocket (drabble, Special Jury Award winner) 

Three-Lobe Burning Eye: Judith of the Lions (apocalyptic fic w/ special guests, zombie lions)

Thrillers, Killers, 'n' Chillers: Under the Boardwalk 

Title Goes Here, Issue 7: Itch (horror, short story) 

Xeroversary: In a Purple Sky (flash fic, fantasy, YA)


You can find more of my work scattered throughout this blog, or at my Deviant Art account, which has many of my Prediction entries, including winners such as One Night.

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